5 Tips to Stick To Your 2020 New Years Fitness Resolution

Deciding on and making a New Years Resolution can be very exciting, inspiring and motivating.

The challenge most people have isn't making the resolution; it's committing and sticking to them.

In fact, studies show more than 80% of people who decide on a fitness-related New Year's resolution have fallen short or given up by February 1st.

But what most people don't realize is there are specific tips ANYONE can implement, which would cause their chances of success to increase by 700-1000% - allowing them to stick with it and turn their fitness goals into a reality.

In this blog post, we are going to uncover five powerful tips YOU can use to stay motivated and committed, allowing you to achieve your ultimate fitness goal in 2020.

1. Be very clear and Specific about What You Want to Accomplish—and Set a Deadline

You might have read the title OF Tip#1 and thought to yourself, "well, that's obvious," but according to studies, it isn't.

Here's why: Did you know less than 9% of people who set a New Years Resolution make it clear, specific, quantifiable, and commit to a timeline? 

That means 91% of people didn't have a clearly defined end-result and didn't decide on a timeline of what date they wanted to achieve it by. 

No wonder, so few people end up accomplishing their New Near's Resolution. 

In fact, many experts say implementing this strategy alone can be an absolute game-changer for a lot of people wanting to make positive changes in their life. 

I think the general idea of Tip#1 is pretty self explanatory. Although, I think the part some people might get hung up on is the "Quantifiable" part.

When creating a New Years' resolution, you want to ensure there is a clear way to know whether you DID or DIDN'T achieve your resolution. 

i.e. I want to fit comfortably into my favourite jeans that no longer fit by October 4th, 2020. 

This example is clear, it's specific, it's quantifiable, and it has an exact deadline. 

2. Start Small and Build Momentum

How many people do you know who've made a BIG fitness-related New Years Resolution? 

As of January 2nd, they're going all-in Hardcore! They're going to the gym seven days a week for 1.5 hours a day of Cardio followed by another 1/2 hour of weights. 

Plus, they've completely revamped their diet and nutrition too. 

It's nothing but baked chicken and broccoli from this point forward - NO EXCEPTIONS!

Here's the problem: These types of goals are doomed from the very beginning. 

Why? Because the changes are so dramatic, and the expectations you've set for yourself are so big, it's completely unsustainable.

 Think about it; you wanted to get fit, maybe lose a few pounds, not become a pro-athlete, which is why it's Ludacris to try and train and eat like one. 

Not only is it almost impossible to stick to a routine like this, but when you eventually have a cheat meal or skip a workout, you'll feel like you've failed — often causing people to give up.

It's far more effective to start small. Ask yourself the following - What are the easiest things I could implement, which would move me significantly closer to my goal. 

Remember: "Small Hinges Move Big Doors"

Maybe you decide you're going to make one change for physical Exercise and one switch for nutrition. 

For instance:

  • Physical Exercise Improvement - find something physical you enjoy and commit to doing it 2-3 times a week. Maybe it's a Bootcamp like realFIT, or a swimming class, or even just an evening walk. 
  • Nutrition Improvement - Maybe you eat out for lunch at work daily, and it's rarely healthy. Maybe your commitment is to make healthier (but still enjoyable) lunches at home four out of the five workdays.

Even though these changes might be small, they are completely manageable and will still create significant progress, causing you to stay motivated and remain on track towards your resolution. 

3. Focus on the Habit - Not the Result

Achieving any type of fitness goal is all about habits and personal rituals. 

It isn't about what you do one time; it's about what you do consistently.

So if you want to become fitter, lose a couple of LB's, or just feel better generally, you're going to need to decide what type of exercise program you're going to implement. 


Almost everyone gets a gym membership and decides they are going to do hours of monotonous Cardio, which, if asked, they would tell you they hate. 

Here's the Secret!

Select a type of Exercise you like and enjoy and NOT something you don't. 

This might sound silly, but I think this could be the one thing that makes the difference for a lot of people trying to achieve their New Years Resolution.

Maybe you've always been interested in trying Yoga - Get a Yoga Class membership.

Or maybe Martial Arts or swimming have interested you, use those for your physical Exercise. 

Or maybe you like being in groups and having fun, upbeat small group training sessions like the ones we offer here at realFIT might be right for you. 

Regardless, fitness requires habits, and we stick to habits when we like, enjoy, and are excited for them - So pick a type of physical exercise you're enthusiastic for. 

4. Create Accountability for Yourself

Being in the fitness industry for years, I've heard every reason or excuse in the book. But one thing I've heard many people say makes me think just little they understand about goal setting and goal achieving. 

Here it is - "I don't need a trainer. I know what I need to do; I've just got to do it." 

If someone says this, a trainer is the very thing they DO need. 

Why? Because if they DO know what they need to do (which often isn't the case) they aren't doing it. 

Meaning they have an ACCOUNTABILITY problem

Trainers guide you, instruct you, motivate you and provide insight. But the most important factor or benefit of hiring a trainer is accountability. 

They check you, monitor you, set goals with you, and HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE

Furthermore, did you know working with a personal trainer increases your chances of meeting your goal by up to sixteen times (16X's.)

Why? Because of Accountability!

You need to find accountability - get a trainer, make a bet with someone, find a workout buddy (someone who has already built the habit of exercising, not someone who like you is trying to develop it.)

We understood this at the realFIT Bootcamp, which is why when we were creating our Bootcamp programs.  

We knew we had to include one-on-one accountability, progress tracking, and check-ins as it's one of the essential ingredients for long term sustainable success. This is why all our Bootcamp memberships include these features, and the results we've seen because of them are unbelievable. 

Accountability is like your training wheels until the habit has been fully developed and no longer requires it. 

5. Fitness Needs to Be Fun and Rewarding

When we were children, we used to run, jump, play and be active for no reason other than it was fun.

When fitness feels like work or like another job, it's almost impossible to stick with it and for it to be a long term sustainable part of your life.

I cannot stress enough the importance of finding a fitness program that is both fun and rewarding.

Furthermore, what is fun, enjoyable, and rewarding for you is going to be different for other people.

We hope you've enjoyed and benefited from these tips and we hope you achieve your fitness goals in 2020.

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But most importantly - in a fun, upbeat community oriented environment that makes fitness enjoyable and easy to make into a sustainable habit and a truly healthy lifestyle. 

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