Here We Grow Again...


(Here's a video of one of our trainers talking about her experience at realFIT)

realFIT Training Studio in Brantford, ON is expanding again so we can offer bootcamp and classes to our clients and the community. That's why we’re looking for a certified group exercise, fitness and/or certified personal trainer to lead our boot camps. For the right person this could potentially become a full-time position if that’s your goal.

It will be your job to not only run the bootcamp, but motivate, inspire and help our clients to achieve their fitness goals. These classes will hold anywhere between 15-35 people, so the position requires someone with strong personality traits.

We will teach skills and knowledge needed for the job,, however. The "right applicant" must already possess the personal attributes and qualities for the job. Those being - leadership, empathy, motivation, passion, fun, and consideration of others.

Start Date: As Soon as Possible 


Candidates should not call our front desk, or drop off a resume in person; instead you should send an email to and with the subject line “Bootcamp Instructor Position”. Please attach your resume to the email and please explain the following in point form in your email

1) Why you would be a good fit with realFIT Training Centre

2) What you think an instructor can/should do to keep people coming to boot camp.

3) Describe any personal successes you have had with clients or yourself pertaining to an exercise or nutritional program.

4) If you have any past client testimonials please attach or describe in detail two that you are most proud of.

We Look Forward To hearing
From you Soon!