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AUTHOR BOOK SIGNING - Jan 25th at 9am

At the realFIT Studio

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Jodi Decle

Jodi Decle

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EVENT DETAILS - The book signing will be at the realFIT Studio located at 98 Paris Rd. in Brantford on Jan 25th at 9:00am following the morning bootcamp session. It is open to the public, we just ask if you would like to attend to please email the studio at or call us at 519-304-8348 so we know how many chairs to have available. We look forward to seeing you there.


About The Author

Jodi Decle Jodi Decle is a deep, creative soul in love with life and the human spirit. She is a dedicated and loving mother to her three wonderful children and a transformational coach to women who are ready and committed to create the life of their dreams and step into their brilliance. This empowering, inspirational woman knows through experience it is not only possible to transform yourself and your life by embodying your greatest self, but it is our greatest honor and investment. Having redesigned her lifestyle to align with her deepest values and highest mission, Jodi knows the transformation terrain inside out and helps her clients navigate this intuitively. An advocate for mental, physical, and spiritual health, Jodi believes in taking full responsibility for what we truly want and bringing it to life through love, courage, empowerment, creativity, and joy.

As a transformational coach, Jodi has had the pleasure of mentoring and supporting many women through their life-changing journeys. She believes that being healthy goes beyond nutrition and exercise; being healthy invokes intuition and structure in service of flow, inspiration, creativity, and freedom. To her, health is a loving and honorable relationship between our body, mind, spirit, heart, and soul that works with our energy and emotions to keep us feeling grounded, nourished, balanced, strong, and alive. You might catch her dancing, enjoying live music, running in nature with her husband, hiking to waterfalls, soaking up the sunshine at a beach, creating art with her children, or cooking up a fabulous dinner for her closest friends and family.

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